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A Fusion of Culture and Styles

Posted by nihat on April 10, 2019
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A Fusion of Culture and Styles: Traditional Dress in Turkey

Holidays in Turkey, especially on the Turkish Riviera are increasingly catering to a more European clientele but they have not lost even a little of the special Turkish holiday experience of old. Package deals have made Cheap holidays to Turkey available to everyone and those looking for the real Turkey won’t have to look far to find the national dress and costume of this magical place.

Although the men may have increasingly adopted the styles and colours of European male dress, you can still see the traditional garb in every part of Turkey. Fezzes and turbans were abolished by law in 1925, and most country dwellers now wear  caps. The well-known Turkish baggy trousers,  full in the seat, are  common in rural areas and among the less affluent town dwellers, although the cummerbund and colourful shift or waistcoat are becoming a little bit more difficult to see. Village women still largely preserve traditional dress. It is common to see them wear some locally combination of baggy trousers, skirts, and aprons.

In more conservative locales, individuals and communities follow the clothing styles and customs of earlier generations, which is how regional clothing and styles are arrived at today. It is also true that across the Seven regions of Turkey there are huge differences in dress, colours and it is hard to point to one style and label it as Turkish National dress.

Even in the rural areas it is impossible to say that traditional dress is totally unchanging. The fabrics used have certainly changed, and the work put into clothes are no longer as diligent as before. Modern conditions create different fashions, and cross pollination between different fashions is quite common.

Of course because Turkish culture is such a fusion of East and West there is always a mixing of styles fashions, and fabrics.   However for visitors on their holidays in Turkey will see fabulous of traditional dress along with newer fusions of the newer more contemporary scene.

Anyone sampling a Turkey holiday experience, will see that Turkish Culture is unique in that it has influenced and has been influenced in return by cultures and civilizations from China to Rome and from Russian steppes to Northern Africa for over a thousand years. This culture reflects this richness and diversity, and remains mostly shaped by its roots in Middle East, and Balkans, the crucible of many civilizations for at least twelve Milennia. Costume of course plays its part in that and will be clear for all to see in this fabulously welcoming country.

The east availability of cheap holidays to Turkey will allow many people to sample this for the first time. Along with the fusion of cuisine, art, literature Costume relies on the subtle mixing of the old and the new, the West and the East and the modern and the old. Traditional Costume is almost a metaphor for Turkey today.




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