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Exploring Turkey

Posted by nihat on April 9, 2019
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Exploring Turkey

Turkey is a rich and diverse country with uniqueness in culture, splendid places to visit, wonderful festivals to attend and many other quality features and the Government of Turkey is making good progress in the promoting tourism in their country.  The government is making efforts to provide facilities to the tourist so that people from all around can come to Turkey and enjoy their holidays in this wonderful country. It is a richly diverse country where visitors can explore a wide range of geographical aspects with mountains and seas close it in most regions. The Turkish tourism board is helping and guiding people to consider holidays to Turkey and enjoy their vacations exploring the diversity of the Turkish culture. Due to these efforts, tourism, with the support of the Government has seen thousands of people pay a visit to Turkey every year to enjoy summer and winter vacations.  Turkey lies between the East and West, so influenced by the cultures of both, and not unreasonable to say that Turkey is a bridge between East and West.

Being an ancient country Turkey has been influenced by many civilizations. The influence of the different civilizations is clearly shown by the monuments and buildings built at that time which are still present and provide a source of information and understanding of the ancient civilizations.

The famous cave dwelling, which were built by the Christian Monks are still in use for living in. This showed the rigidity and erectness of the building built at that time. Turkey was ruled over by the Roman, Greek, Byzantines and Muslim civilizations, each civilization has left its mark on the traditions and culture of the Turkey. The two famous mosques Sulemaniye mosque and Blue mosque were built hundreds of years ago but they are still present and showing the glory of the Islamic civilization.  As Islam is the official religion of Turkey, many mosques are present in the country. Beside the Islamic civilization, if one pays a visit to the museums of Turkey then you will be able to understand how rich Turkey is in culture.  The artistic infrastructure of Turkey has always drawn the attention of the people all over the world. Besides all the buildings and iconic structures, Turkey has a variety of traditional festivals, which are very famous all over the world. The classical dance of Turkey is a world recognized and much appreciated by the people all over the world. Classical dancing as style is so much different in relation to other dances that people pay visits to try learning it. The tourism guide is always there helping people in exploring Turkey by giving useful information about the places, different civilizations and different cultural festivals.

In addition, Turkey tourism and travel guide to help people to give information about what kind of activities people can while they stay in Turkey. Above all, travel guides give information about different resorts and hotels who offer best deals depending upon the budget of visitors, where people can live during their stay at Turkey.

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