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Top things to see in Turkey

Posted by nihat on April 10, 2019
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Top things to see in Turkey

Turkey is like an invisible dividing line between the Asia and Europe and acts as a bridge between the Western world and the Islamic east. Turkey has always been a contentious country in its long history and it has its own culture which is influenced by its neighboring Asian countries as well as Western countries.For this reason, people find a visit to Turkey enjoyable as many aspects of life here are very similar to what is back home. With many historic sites to visit, vacation destinations, museums, diverse art, and culture people find visiting an exciting and rewarding experience.

If you are interested in paying a visit to Turkey then there are some tips and a few suggestions of where to visit during your stay.

First, Turkey is a culturally diverse country,with its own unique culture for which it has gained worldwide fame.Over a long period of time Turkey has developed a taste for concerts and operas which are truly remarkable and world class. With the wonderful combination and East and Western music one can enjoy the stunning blends of music of different style. The combination of the both the Eastern and Western music result in the unique quality of sound which is a prime example of the country’s diversity that you just will not find anywhere else.

Secondly, while paying a visit to Turkey keep one thing in mind,the film culture of the country. The Turkish films are remarkable and heart touching stories. The film industry here is recognized worldwide and well appreciated by the international film awards associations. Each year there is a film festival held in the Istanbul, capital of Turkey where an enormous range of movies are shown to the masses.

Turkey is very rich in history and there are a many museums to be found throughout. When one pays a visit for holidays to Turkey, these museums offer a chance to seearte facts from ancient times and civilizations and come to realise and appreciate just how diverse, rich in culture and history the country really is.

In Turkey, cave dwellings are present which is a superb demonstration and a sign of the rich cultural civilization of the country. The uniqueness of these cave dwellings is that people are still living in these while the Christian Monks built these cave dwellings around 4 A.D. From this, one can imagine the rigidity and resilience of these houses.

In addition to the cave dwellings, Turkey was once under the rule of the Romans and visitors can see the wonderful and splendid Roman structures that remain and these are always of great interest and a wonderful source of interest and a terrific destination to go to when you pay a visit to Turkey.

The official religion of Turkey is Islam and that is why some of the most distinguished and architecturally admirable Mosques are present in here. The two world famous mosques Sulemaniye mosque and Blue mosque both are identifying marks of Turkey to the world.

Besidesthese,signs and symbols of Byzantines and Greek architecture are also presentunderlining how rich Turkey is in culture and traditions.


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