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Useful Info

Useful Info

Cost of Living
The cost of living in Turkey is generally alot cheaper than in other European countries.Grocery Costs are about a third cheaper than in the UK for example. Utilities such as electricity and water are also cheaper. Mains water is very inexpensive as there is no separate standing or sewerage charges – just one flat rate based on your meter reading

Living Permission
You have the right to live and travel in Turkey if;
You hold a legal passport, the country you live in has a reciprocal agreement and you are not forbidden to enter Turkey by law.
You can enter Turkey with any of the following visas:

  • Single entry
  • Multiple visa
  • Transit visa
  • Tourist visa

When you initially enter Turkey you will have bought a tourist visa. This visa is intended for ‘short’ visits and covers the person up to 90 days. If you intend to stay longer you will need to either:
1. Leave the country and re-enter and buy another tourist visa, or
2. Get a residence permit.
Education in Turkey is good and controlled nationally by the Ministry of Education whose website in English can be found at

The Mediterranean region, to the joy of the millions of sunworshipers who visit it annually, experiences hot, dry summers typical of southern Greece and Italy, and mild winters which last only from December to March. The climate of the Aegean is similar though with slightly lower temperatures.

Turkish Calender

Below is a list of Turkish National holidays. On these days or half days most banks, all schools and government offices will be closed.

The most important feasts are : the Ramazan ( Seker Bayram ) and the festival of the Sacrifice ( Kurban Bayram ).
These feasts last for 4 days and start every year on a different day.

1 January – New Year.
23 April – Children’s Byram
19 May – Sport Byram.
30 August – Victory (Zafer) Byram.
29 October – Republic Day (Cumhuriyet Byram).

There are three types of banks in Turkey, 100% Private Owned, 100% Government owned and 50%/50% Government / Private. In Touristic areas you can find banks with English speaking staff. Most of the banks also have websites with English sections. To open a bank account all you will need is your passport and a tax number but most banks can sort this out for you.
In Turkey there are both state and private hospitals. Private hospitals in Touristic areas are now recognising the needs of the ‘foreign patient’ market, and have English staff, English-speaking doctors, and literature.Private health care is cheaper than in other European countries.
Local timeall over the country is equal to GMT + 2 hours
Electricity in Turkey is 230V, with 50 Hz frequency. The system uses alternating current (AC).

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